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This upcycled Keyfob has a clip on one side a large ring on the opposite end which is connected to three other slightly smaller rings.  Perfect for anyone!

Key fob shows 3 flourishes on front side and wraps around back.  Key fob is backed with a beautiful leather and has stitched edged. Please see images for back side of keyfob as it is a double sided product. 

Louis Vuitton Patches:  Made of authentic upcycled products from legally purchased, used Louis Vuitton. The condition of the Louis Vuitton products used in this upcycled product does not reflect the condition of the Louis Vuitton product as it was originally sold. The manufacturer, along with Mountain Attitude Designs(TM) are not associated with Louis Vuitton S.A., or any other entity associated with such companies.  These products have not been endorsed by Louis Vuitton and does not fall under any warranty by Louis Vuitton.  The purchaser of LV upcycled products understands and acknowledges that the product is not a Louis Vuitton Product.