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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  The DCUK Co. from England has just announced that they will no longer be selling to the USA market due to this years COVID crisis.  As such, Mountain Attitude along with all other US vendors were not able to place Christmas orders for 2020.  These ornaments are the last of them. Take advantage while they last.

Hand carved from harvested bamboo roots & offcuts that would otherwise go to waste. When each piece has been hand painted it is then buffed and polished to the rich natural shine that characterizes DCUK products. Only after it has achieved that special breed of duck company charm, he or she is given a fitting name and awarded the DCUK pin, a mark of exceptional quality and irrepressible character.

ORDERING:  We will ship you what we have available in stock until they are all gone. It may be any 1 out of the 4 that we have.