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Hand Crafted - Hand Carved - One-of-a-Kind -

Made in the USA


Measurements:  Approx. 3x3

These coal figurines are individually hand carved and hand crafted from Kentucky coal and each are one-of-a-kind.  Made of coal, coal dust and a resin binder to hold everything together so that it can be molded and formed. Due to the resin in the mixture and the peroxide catalyst which is added to harden the object, the objects come out of the process a grey color. 

To give the object a natural coal appearance, they are power sprayed with a black lacquer.  While it may seem odd to have to spray paint coal to get it to look like coal, the entire process starts with and has as its base…COAL. 

And to answer your question, "No. The coal will not rub off on your hands due to the black lacquer that is sprayed on the figurines after completion. However, for those that don't know, coal is very brittle which means if you drop one of these precious items, it will shatter. 

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